Tony Newbury | Chef D`equipe for the British Showjumping team

Rockrose is delighted to welcome Tony Newbery as a new regualr clinic trainer. Tony, who in 2013 took over the role of Chef d’Equipe for the Young Rider Teams and more recently held this same position for some Senior teams as “second in command“ to Di Lampard weill be running monthly showjumping clinics at Rockrose!
With his many years experience along with his quiet and patient manner he is a popular choice as coach for many Top Young ShowJumping Riders although he is just as happy when coaching someone starting out in the sport as for Tony the most important point is to have a passion for horses, a desire to learn and to make the most of your ability at whatever level you ride.
Tony's next clinics are :

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Our Purpose | Your dream

The purpose of Rockrose is to unite our members & support them in their passion for equestrianism & desire to improve.
At the heart of Rockrose is respect for the individual partnership our members share with their horse.

As the only Olympic sport relying on the ability & willingness of another living animal, equestrianism represents a truly unique set of challenges based on the physical & mental attributes of both horse & rider. At Rockrose, we recognise each partnership's journey to success as an individual, complex relationship often facing confusing or conflicting theories. From international competitive success to simply enjoying a harmonious canter along a forest track, Rockrose membership will support you in achieving your dreams.


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Achieving our Purpose | Facility not Philosophy

At Rockrose we believe every equestrian must take ultimate responsibility for the choices they make & the journey they take - our members do so fully informed, with a deep understanding & the facilities & tools to give them the best chance of success. By sharing world class resources & providing tailored support to each partnership, we provide an effective platform from which to drive results for you & your horse. Central to our purpose is provision of facilitation, not the promotion of one philosophy or approach over another - put simply we have no “house view”.

    Supporting our Members | Our Approach

  • 1. Collecting & sharing information which has been proven through the results of its advocates.
  • 2. Creating training frameworks so that riders understand how it may apply to them & their horse.
  • 3. Providing the facilities & tools to allow riders to apply their chosen approaches to their journey.